About Us

Who are we?

Nice to meet you! We are White Gold Camel Milk and we are passionate about the health benefits of camel. That is what motivates us to bring White Gold Camel Milk to you.

Why White Gold- Camel Milk?

After reviewing the state of camel milk dairy farmer in Kenya, we have noted in addition to being a ‘new’ and emerging market, camel dairies were small and family-owned. Their intensive labor was not earning the attention deserved with sustainable equity and fairness to the camel dairy industry. We need to ensure that camel dairy farmers can continue to increase their products.

The revenue earned and the outlet for the camel milk was not enough, even though the farmers were handling the orders, breeding, raising and nurturing camels around the clock. White Gold Ngamia Milk Suppliers ltd intends to offer the farmers more support and visibility. We will make it easy for the consumers who can use the website to call and write in search of great camel milk.

At white Gold Camel milk we aim to build a beautiful legacy from the beginning. We aim to leave things better than we found them. We strive for an enlightened market by taking responsibility for our impact on the camel industry. We want to create a positive, sustainable and ethical business in this wonderful world for our children.

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