About White Gold Camel Milk

Why White Gold- Camel Milk?

Hello and nice to meet you! We are White Gold Camel Milk and we are passionate about our purpose – to make the health benefits of camel milk available to everyone! This mission motivates us to bring you White Gold Camel Milk. Did you know camel milk is lactose-free? That means diabetics and those watching their weight can enjoy it guilt free!

Our Story:

This all started when Zamzam’s Mom was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. She found out that camel milk was lactose-free (lactose is a sugar in milk). She bought six camels and started milking them for her daily supply of camel milk. The results were amazing; no more spikes in her blood sugar stable after her morning or evening tea.

We created White Gold Camel Milk to bring camel milk and we utilize best health practices started by Zamzam’s mama. In fact, if a batch is not good enough for our own family, it has failed our quality test. We also bring equity and fairness to the camel dairy industry by ensuring that camel dairy farmers can continue to build herds, raise and milk camels in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner.

While reviewing the state of camel milk dairies both in the Kenya and abroad, our founders noted that, in addition to being a ‘new’ and emerging market, Kenya camel dairies were typically small and family-owned. Their intensive labor wasn’t earning the returns they deserved. The middlemen were getting most of the revenue, even though the farmers were handling the orders and breeding, raising and nurturing camels around the clock. Our goal was to offer the farmers more support and fair pay. They don’t have time for website and sales support, so we wanted to make it easy on them and our customers who call and write in search of great camel milk.

Just like our camels, our mission has four legs: (1) to disseminate the power and purity of camel milk to the Kenya market, (2) to ensure the sustainability and growth of the Kenya camel dairy industry by creating equitable and financially sound business practices for camel dairy farmers, (3) to increase consumer access to the camel milk supply chain, and (4) to increase the presence and power of the Kenya camel dairy industry.

Our vision is to establish the Ngamia Milk as the premier purveyor of the finest camel milk in the world, by creating and developing industry best practices, all while maintaining uncompromising principles as we March towards the achievement of the vision

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