Our Practices

Did you ever think about leaving a legacy?

At White Gold Camel Milk, we’re aiming to build a good legacy from the very start. We want to leave things better than we found them. We’re striving to do business in an enlightened way, by taking responsibility for our impact on society and the environment, and making it as positive as possible. It’s part of our quest to sustain an ethical business in this wonderful world. Below is what we’ve done so far, plus our strategy for the future.

Only One Planet
If everyone lived as we do in the kenya, we’d need three planets to support us. So the simple question we ask at White Gold Camel Milk is, “How can we use less?” and “How can we make more?”

It’s a great question. So we look at the whole business. Since we use most of the Earth’s resources in our supply chain, it’s essential to work alongside our farmers to reduce where possible. From water and energy efficiency (our Amish farmers are super low energy users), to reduced waste production and recycling (they also don’t believe in excess consumption of ANY kind), all of which translate directly to our carbon footprint.

Quality Camel Milk
 Camel Milk is the heart of our business, so we take it seriously. It has to taste great, but we also want to buy from farmers who look after their workers, herds and the environment. Our milk comes from Nanyuki and its Isiolo camel farmers only, of all types and sizes (large groups and tiny family farms) with an average herd of 6 camels. While there is definitely no ‘one size fits all’ approach to buying responsibly, the following are all essential in our buying:

We ask our farmers to use “Good Manufacturing Practices” and abide by fair minimum standards to improve their social and environmental performance year after year. Our strategy is to work them and help them to get there. Achieving our goals is a journey with a daily destination of quality.

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